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We are more than health insurance. As industry leaders, we stand by our commitment to unite employees under a common goal - care for one another and the populations we serve. Our foundation is built on learning, diversity, knowledge and experience. We want you to grow in your career. And we support you with advanced training and resources to ignite your passion, energy and commitment to excellence.

GLO-CRS-Career Areas

  1. Actuarial

    Actuaries are called upon for their expertise in many areas. We consider our actuaries as essential to our commitment in limiting risk for our members. With the best and brightest talent, we make concerted efforts to keep our policies reasonable while balancing quality care.

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  2. Administration

    Making sure our enterprise operations function like a well-oiled machine. That’s our default goal. We're comprised of many different talent areas including legal, communications, human resources, auditing, facilities management, ethics/compliance and risk management.

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  3. Analytics

    Access to data is crucial to the success of our organization. That’s why we look for passionate people who can tell a good story with information.

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  4. Clinical

    Clinicians bring much needed expertise to our organization. We entrust our care givers to exercise compassion while improving the lives of our members.

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  5. Customer Operations

    People count on us. We help people navigate the complexity of health care by providing guidance to our customers and local community.

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  6. Finance & Accounting

    Our finance division strives to be a customer centered organization. We empower business owners with accurate and timely information that enables our company to make sound financial decisions, both current and strategic.

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  7. Information Technology

    We're responsible for creating vision and strategy that enables the delivery of technology solutions, which provide access to affordable and effective health care services.

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  8. Marketing & Sales

    Our marketing and sales teams consistently raise the bar by seizing opportunities and staying in front of the competition. We believe in our products and services and we’re looking for people to sell something they can be proud of.

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