Resume Writing Tips

Tips for a Standout Resume

Employers receive dozens of resumes every day and have a limited time to review each one. Make sure your resume stands out by following the tips below.


Begin with your most recent experience or job at the top of your resume and work your way back as you move down the page. Separate your resume into sections using headers such as education, work experience, computer skills, etc.


Highlight your achievements and skills that are specific to that particular job. Employers won't always look through your resume long enough to find that one detail that makes you great for the job. Make their job easier and your resume will shine!


The effort you put into your resume is a reflection of the effort you will put into a job. Take the time to proofread your work to check for spelling, grammar, tense, and overall consistency. Better yet, have more than one person proofread it!

Sell Yourself!

Remember, it's acceptable to brag – toot your own horn! If you are great at something, make sure the employer knows it! Be honest though, because you will get caught and lying on an application can get you fired.

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